Skin Care in your 40’s

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How do I take care of my skin in my 40s? 


Hello gorgeous


I’m writing about a subject close to my heart today! I’ve been digging around online for “the best beauty tips for women in their 40s” and thought I’d share some of the stuff I found – and therefore save you a bit of time and aggro.


The not-so good news


In your 40s, your lymphatic system starts slowing down. If your lymphatic drainage is less efficient then your body isn’t ridding itself properly of toxins. The elastic fibres that support your lymph glands deteriorate, and may result in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks.


You’re producing less sebum (I really hate that word) which means that the protective outer layer of your skin could be more vulnerable to environmental conditions, like pollution or smoky atmospheres.


Your oestrogen levels are likely to be dropping too. This is a pain for all sorts of reasons (obviously). Oestrogen helps to keep you skin plump and springy, so you might notice sagging, especially around your neck and décolletage. You might also find yourself needing to shovel on more moisturiser than previously, as your skin’s probably drier.


Other visible signs of aging at this time: more wrinkles, age spots, evidence of sun damage, increased pigmentation and /or rosacea.


The rather better news


Your Rejoova can be a great asset to your 40s skincare routine


No product in the world can completely reverse the signs of aging. However, because it combines several proven anti-aging techniques and technologies, your Rejoova Pro beauty device could be an absolute boon for 40+ year old skin.


Micro-current massage – massaging the skin may help to shift lymphatic fluid. Your Rejoova’s micro-current massage is ideal, and is gentle enough even to use around the sensitive eye areas.


Ultrasound – this can help to repair and renew muscle fibres, including those around your lymph glands, of course.


Red light LED therapy – this will encourage collagen production which should further help to retain some elasticity and reduce the sagging.


Green light LED therapy – this can help to combat skin discolouration by breaking down melanin clusters.


Blue light LED therapy – if you’re seeing signs of rosacea or other inflammation, use this setting to gently diminish the colour and soothe the skin.


To find out more about the benefits of Rejoova smart beauty, please visit our Products page.

Using your Rejoova on a regular basis is just one important part of skincare in your 40s.



More good stuff to consider:


What you put inside is as important as what you put on the outside


I firmly believe that enjoying tasty and nourishing food is vital for both our emotional and physical well-being. Make sure you check out the tips I shared about Festive foods that have anti-aging properties.


Kale is your skin’s superfood friend. It’s rich in Vitamin A (aka retinol) and Vitamin C. I found this delicious recipe for Chilli & ginger squash with kale and quinoa. I used baby kale to avoid any issues of “tough greens.” Beta-carotene from the squash, numerous benefits from the ginger, a boost to your metabolism from the chilli – what a winner!


Sensible lifestyle choices don’t have to be boring

You already know this stuff!

Stay hydrated, make sure you get enough sleep, try and cut down on the refined sugars and salt, take some exercise, quit the ciggies… And, be mindful of the booze. I’m not one for abstinence. For me, moderation works better. If you do fancy a drink, maybe choose glass of good red wine. It contains a potentially useful anti-aging antioxidant called resveratrol. That’s not an excuse to finish the bottle though…


Wishing you fabulous 40s,

Vicky x






The health and nutrition information and advice shared in this blog is done so in good faith. It should not be taken in preference to that of a professional consultant.




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