How do I minimise the appearance of my pores?

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When I think back to my teens, I vividly remember the hours spent in front of the bathroom mirror, sternly analysing my skin from different angles, scrutinising my pores, critically seeking out the appearance of blackheads or, worse, whiteheads.


A quick search on Aunty Google confirms that pores seem to the bane of many peoples’ lives, and an obsession for the beauty industry.


What are pores and what are they for?


Pores run alongside every hair follicle on your body. At the base of each pore is a sebaceous gland that produces oil aka sebum (yes, you know I hate that word.) The oil travels up the hair and acts as the skin’s natural moisturiser.


When everything’s hunky dory, your skin looks and feels great. But life rarely runs smoothly…


Sometimes, the sebaceous gland produces too much oil or becomes clogged by dirt or dead skin cells. Then the skin will appear greasy, and the dreaded blackheads, whiteheads or acne can occur.


Why are some peoples’ pores more noticeable than others?


It’s pretty much down to genetics. If your parents had large pores, chances are you will too.


Is it possible to make pores smaller?


Despite what some beauty products may promise, you cannot physically shrink your pores. However, there are practical skincare steps you can take to help keep your pores in tip-top condition and, therefore, less visible and prone to breakouts.


Start by choosing a cleanser and exfoliator appropriate for your skin type. These will help to clear the dead skin cells which can block pores. You may wish to gently soothe your skin with steam. I stress the word GENTLY. The warmth of the steam may soften hardened oil in the pores, making it easier to cleanse and remove.


How can my Rejoova help the appearance of my pores?


Boost your collagen and retinol (Vitamin A) levels


As we age, we gradually lose collagen which results in decreased skin elasticity. If the skin sags or stretches this can increase pore size. Retinol is well-known for its anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting properties. It helps collagen production, which keeps the skin plump and elastic, thus minimising the appearance of pores.


Your Rejoova uses ultrasound which can help to repair muscle fibres, improving tone and elasticity. And, the micro-current massage will help to lift tired saggy muscles.


You can also select your Rejoova’s red LED therapy which is known to increase collagen production, thus further firming up the skin.


Reduce acne-causing bacteria


If you’re troubled by breakouts or acne, you could choose your Rejoova’s blue LED therapy. Celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian endorse blue LED skin therapy for its gentle but effective purifying properties.


Trust your Rejoova gels


I’ve taken great care to make the Detox Gel and Hydra Gel as natural as possible, whilst still delivering great results. The Detox Gel contains extract of Aloe Vera, renowned for its anti-bacterial properties, and chamomile to soothe. And of course both products are suitable for sensitive skin. You can read more about the gels on Rejoova’s Products page.


A word about pore strips


As someone who’s used these in the past, I can vouch for how fascinating and oddly satisfying pore strips are. Seeing those little spires of muck which you’ve pulled from your t-zone does provide instant gratification.


However, there is some evidence to suggest that repeated use of pore strips could actually damage your skin. If you’re only using them to remove blackheads, rather than a complete skincare regimen, you might just be removing the top of the pore’s plug rather than the whole blockage. At the same time, they could be “over cleansing” your skin by removing all the natural oils. Of course, you don’t want greasy skin but neither do you want it dry and irritated.




The sharing of information and advice in this blog is done in good faith. It should not be taken in preference to that of a professional consultant.


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