How the Colours of Christmas could help beat the signs of aging – LED Therapy

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Hello Gorgeous


How’s it going? Are you all prepped? Cake baked? Mince pies and sausage rolls in the freezer? Turkey ordered? Tree up? Presents wrapped?


No? Me neither!


The one Christmassy thing I have managed to do was take a stroll up Franklin Road in Auckland. The neighbourhood is famous in this neck of the woods for its festive lights, and this year’s display didn’t disappoint.


It got me wondering why we put up lights at Christmas, and where the traditional seasonal colours come from.


* Scurries to computer and consults with Aunty Google *


Turns out that Thomas Edison, who invented the practical light bulb (and pretty much everything else, by all accounts) also invented Christmas lights. He hung the first strands around his Menlo Park Laboratory in New Jersey, USA in 1880 in the hope that it might cheer up the nearby commuters on their train journey.


As for the significance of three of the most popular colours…


Red is the colour of holly berries. St Nicholas, a bishop who lived in 4th century Turkey, would’ve worn this colour, and of course Santa Claus does nowadays. Although, contrary to a popular urban myth, it wasn’t actually a 1950s well-known fizzy drink’s advertising campaign which brought this about.


Green is the colour of winter foliage like holly, ivy and mistletoe. Long before they even celebrated Christmas, people in the northern hemisphere would decorate their midwinter houses with evergreen plants to brighten the place up and remind them that spring wasn’t too far off.


Blue is a Christmas colour too. Remember those school Nativity plays, and the adorable little Virgin Mary all dressed in blue? Apparently in the Middle Ages, blue dye was even more expensive than gold, and it was only worn by royalty. Dressing her in this colour signifies Mary’s importance.


Relax and REJOOVA-NATE this holiday season!


You can bathe yourself in the comforting glow of these Christmas colours every time you use your Rejoova Pro.


Our LED therapy works in harmony with the micro-current massage and ultrasound to tackle those pesky signs of aging. You can read about this in more detail on our Products page.


Generously apply one of the luxurious gels – Detox or Hydra – then select your desired skin rejuvenation programme and preferred LED setting.


Choose bright & cheery RED for its gentle healing qualities, to help boost your collagen, smooth out those wrinkles and improve your skin’s elasticity.


If you’re feeling a bit flushed, calming GREEN will help even out your skin tone and reduce pigmentation and discolouration by targeting melanin clusters.


As recommended by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba, cleansing BLUE light could work wonders if you suffer from breakouts. It has an anti-bacterial quality which has been shown to treat acne and decongest the skin. After all, we know now that BLUE is for important people – and who’s more important that you?


Wishing you a blissfully colourful Christmas,

Vicky x



  1. When you’re enjoying one of your Rejoova Pro’s LED skin therapies, be sure to wear your protective goggles.



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