the birth of rejoova

"More than just skin care technology, Rejoova promotes looking and feeling great at any age—on your terms. As my own quintessential customer—I started this company to provide women with an affordable anti-aging solution that yields professional grade results in the privacy of their own homes."
- Vicky B 

developing the solution

My days are a lot like yours. Mostly a mad rush of juggling work and home life. I certainly don't have a lot of time to spend at spas or beauty salons. Besides they can be so expensive. And cosmetic surgery? That seems a bit drastic – and painful. Definitely not for me.

Then, a couple of years ago, my husband was working with a European company who manufactured handheld beauty devices.

This sparked my interest.

I rather enjoyed using this gadget quietly at home. Taking "secret steps" to improve the way I looked. It was a lovely confidence boost when people started paying me compliments too.

It wasn't all great though. The device was complicated to use and I didn't like the products. They weren't "green" and, in fact, long term they were potentially quite detrimental.

So what was the alternative? What could help me look and feel good, and fit in around my schedule?

There had to be a better way...

I researched the Asian beauty industry extensively, visiting South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China, and I consulted with their experts at "shrinking down" spa technology.

After experimenting with more than 100 devices, I found what I believed to be the safest, simplest and most effective system for skin rejuvenation.

The Rejoova was born!

My next step was to develop complementary products, to enhance results further whilst being as clean and ethical as possible. I teamed up with a German doctor of cosmetic chemistry who specialises in formulating natural products from right here in New Zealand.

By combining technology and innovation with some of New Zealand's gorgeous pure ingredients, we created two luscious gels: Rejoova Detox Gel and Rejoova Hydra Gel.

With Rejoova, I'm putting the latest skin care technology literally into your hands. Now you can enjoy professional grade beauty results from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

It's all about looking great, feeling wonderful, stepping out with confidence.

I hope you love your Rejoova as much I as love bringing it to you.

Stay fabulous,


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Reaping the rewards

Voila! The Rejoova anti-aging skin care system was born. Now, my hope is that women all over the world can take advantage of what we’ve put together—to look, feel and be amazing every day.

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